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From The Barrio to the Board Room

From The Barrio to the Board Room

The book From the Barrio to the Board Room is a tool.

Dr. Robert Renteria is a resource who promotes education, a sense of pride and accomplishment, and self-esteem within the youth of our communities.

Dedicated to change.

The Books “From the Barrio to the Board Room, Mi Barrio and Little Barrio” are teaching tools.  They are culturally relevant, inspiring, exciting and motivating books. Both the school based and faith based curricula (which are both donated at no cost) are used as a comprehensive bilingual non generic program that resonates with the youth and adults promoting student achievement, helping our teens and at-risk youth with their critical thinking skills and bridging the educational gap.

In 2006, a young gang banger approached Robert and wanted to know the secret to getting himself a “phat” ride like Robert’s new Mercedes Benz. When Robert told him the secret to success was hard work, the young man actually listened and appreciated the advice. At that moment, Robert realized that we have money for wars and can’t feed the poor and that we have countless children, teenagers, and adults who are walking around-lost in a culture of darkness-and decided that he needed to do something about it.

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