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José Manuel Torres- Escobedo was born in Aguascalientes México. He is de 2nd of 5th in his family. Juan Manuel Torres and Bertha Escobedo are his parents. Jose has three brothers and one sister; also he was born on February 10, 1976.  He is been living in Aurora Illinois for 16 years.

His passion is photography. He attended at Waubonsee Community College in 2012 and obtained an Art Photography diploma. He believes that art is the essence of God presence in the earth, also he thinks that just being alive is a blessing and we should enjoy every moment. Some of the ways how he appreciates life is by capturing the precious moments of life with his camera. In the past year one of his biggest moments was, when he was name one of the winners in the exhibition of Photography at the Aurora’s 175th anniversary organized by Waubonsee Community College. He also is a Director of the Event Day of the dead (Dia de los Muertos) that is celebrated in Aurora every year.

At age of eight years Jose faced the death of his father followed with the separation from his mother. His mother and the youngest brother had to immigrate looking for better life to the Unaided States of America and he had to stay behind with his grandparents. He learned that if you want to succeed you have to take sacrifices. His grandparents raised him, whom taught him the respect to others, values of the family, and to love others. Right after he moved to Aurora he noticed the community needs and then he started to take actions. He started as volunteer in Saint Nicolas Church, Family Focus, Aurora Township, and the City of Aurora in the Office of the Alderman Juany Garza, just to mention some of them.

His goal is to have a degree in General Studies, and the most important is to continuing working for the community as a volunteer. His dream as community leader is be the spark and inspiration for the young generation in the Aurora town by proposing new ideas, programs, and getting more people involved in the community.   

 Finally he is so grateful with Aurora’s leaders for the great opportunities and moments, and especially The United States of America because for him is considered a place where someone with nothing could end up with everything, where anyone could succeed, and the only one element is the hard work.



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