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Enroll DuPage is your one-stop source for information regarding the Affordable Care Act. By visiting, you will find fact sheets on what the ACA is, enrollment locations, events and fact sheets that will help you navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace.

March 15 to April 30, 2015 is a Special Enrollment Period for Tax Issues. File your taxes, pay a penalty/file an exemption if you did not have health insurance in 2014, and make an appointment to see an enrollment counselor.

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Hello. We’re Healthcare Solutions Team.

It’s nice to meet you.

We’re a nationwide team of optimists, health care problem solvers and medical insurance advocates. We’re a passionate blend of resourcefulness, compassion and drive. We’re a crew of true believers. And we’re committed to helping families, individuals and groups get the absolute best health insurance coverage for their unique needs.

Grant Born and Joe Eichman created this band of health insurance advisers to make affordable health care accessible to everyone. That’s why we call ourselves Healthcare Solutions Team. We absolutely love solutions; we’re full of them. We’re at our best when we take your health care needs and figure out how to cover you from every angle, while staying within your budget. In other words, we make low cost, zero out-of-pocket medical insurance a reality. That’s why we’re known as America’s premier health and dental insurance agency.

Want to learn more? Go ahead and contact us now. We’ll show you the difference that working with the best can make. And we’ll make sure you end up with the health insurance coverage or medical insurance plan that is just right for you.

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Developmental Vision Optometrist


Dr. Lorenzana is a Developmental Vision Optometrist who has obtained additional training and peer reviewed certification in the areas of Pediatric-Binocular Vision and Perception through additional education in a Residency Program and Fellowships both in the American Academy of Optometry and the College of Optometrist for Visual Development.


What is a Functional Vision Evaluation?

A Functional Vision Evaluation is an in-depth assessment of an individual’s maximum level of visual functioning and its impact on their performance of everyday activities.


Who needs a Functional Vision Evaluation?

Anyone who would like to achieve optimal performance in schoolwork or sports will benefit from the exam. However, functional vision exams are most critical for those who:

  • Struggle in school and may have visual processing disorders
  • Have learning disabilities
  • Have developmental delays
  • Have neurodevelopmental disorders (autism, Down’s Syndrome, etc.)
  • Suffer health issues or physical injury affecting sight (TBIs, stroke victims, concussion sufferers, accident trauma, etc.)
  • Have physical issues affecting their visual processing (traumatic brain injury, stroke, etc.
  • Are experiencing visual stress, fatigue and headaches from computer use or other visual tasks.
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Welcome to the latest version of We have a new look and feel to the site and encourage you to explore the many interactive health tools and information that is just a click or two away.

Rush-Copley is proud to be the leading provider of health services to the greater Fox Valley area and here are a few reasons why. We’re the only level IIIneonatal intensive care unit in Kane County and the hospital more than 3,300 families choose every year to have their babies. We treat over 70,000 patients in our emergency rooms every year. Safe, quality careis our focus and nearly all of our outcomes meet, and often exceed, national standards.

This site will help you find information, a doctor, screenings, classes or programs we offer on the health topic you’re most interested in. You can also pay your bill, make a donation to the Rush-Copley Foundation or communicate with loved ones through a secure patient web page. Whatever your reason for choosing Rush-Copley, we’re committed to making your experience whether personal or virtual, the best it can be. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email me directly, It would be my pleasure to hear from you.


Barry C. Finn
President & CEO
Rush-Copley Medical Center

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Harmony Health Plan 
Harmony Health Plan is a licensed Illinois health maintenance organization.  We are committed to providing our members with quality health care coverage, backed with an outstanding level of customer service.  
Commitment to Health 
Harmony Health Plan is committed to the good health of each and every Plan member. We not only provide members with the coverage in the event of an illness or injury, but also offer preventative care services that are designed to help them stay healthy all year long. Preventative care services include immunizations, annual physicals, mammograms, Pap smears, wellness programs and much more.
Harmony Health Plan lets each member choose his or her own personal physician from our network. This Primary Care Physician (PCP) becomes familiar with and continues to document the member's medical history, coordinates all medical care and makes referrals to specialists when needed. Members always have 24-Hour access to the medical care they need. Plan coverage includes hospitalization, routine medical care, emergency care, and much more. 
Commitment to Service
At Harmony, we believe that customer satisfaction is the true measure of a successful health plan. Our member services representatives are committed to treating each and every member the same way they would want to be treated...with care, dignity, and respect. When members have questions about any of their benefits, services or coverage, our member services representatives are just a phone call away. We even offer extended hours for added convenience. 
Commitment to Community
Harmony Health Plan participates in the development of educational and wellness programs that raise the health consciousness of individuals and families who live and work here. 
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Inner Harmony Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is dedicated to helping you live a healthy and happy life. I believe that everyone can and should be pain free, energetic, and joyous throughout his or her whole life. I strive to make this happen through gentle, compassionate care. My offices are beautiful and peaceful, and give my patients a sense of restoration and rejuvenation.


My strategy for helping you feel great is to use a stair step approach.

  1. First I treat any pain, because if you have pain then you cannot have a good quality of life. This includes headaches, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, even internal pain.
  2. Then I also treat stress. In our busy world we are all surrounded by stressful situations that can cause many health problems. But stress is always a two edged sword–stress is what the world throws at you but it is also how you respond to the world. Acupuncture can help you respond in more healthy ways.
  3. Next I work to treat chronic illnesses. Many of my patients have reduced their blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels while under my care.
  4. And the final step on the stairway to great health is to bring joy into your life with such things as more energy, better sleep, weight loss, and better moods.
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Symphony of Orchard Valley offers a personalized program called “La Familia” to accommodate to the growing Hispanic population in need of skilled nursing and long term care. Our program offers specialized meal options and we have dedicated bi-lingual staff to ensure a stress-free transition during their rehabilitation stay. The facility offers an array of Hispanic activities and religious services to provide a homelike and comforting environment for our La Familia guests

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Handcrafted Organic
Soaps, Balms & Oils

Get that natural feel


Our products are carefully crafted by hand with organic elements so that you can leave your body feeling natural. Whether you need essential oils for your skin, or want to give someone a decorative soap flower bouqet as a gift, we have a wide selection that will meet your needs.

Los productos de Universal Wellness (Bienestar Universal) son hechos de manera artesanal, buscando siempre materia prima de la mas alta calidad, organica y ecologica. Solamente utiliamos aceites esenciales con certificado de pureza

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Rush is recognized as a national leader in building healthier communities. Together with residents, community leaders, nonprofit organizations and other health care institutions, our goal is to be a catalyst for community health and vitality by dismantling barriers to health, and by promoting health equity both within and outside of Rush.

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Oak Street Health, chosen as a trusted primary care provider by AARP.

AARP selected Oak Street Health as a trusted primary care provider because of its dedication to high-quality healthcare for all Medicare patients. Find out why Oak Street Health is the only primary care provider to carry the AARP name.

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Open Door is a regional, patient-centered health care organization that provides services including education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment services to those who have or are at risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections, including HIV/AIDS, in addition to the greater LGBTQ community.


We envision a world where HIV does not exist, the community has ample resources to test and treat sexually transmitted infections without the fear of stigma, and the LGBTQ community has equal access to care without discrimination.

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