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Aurora Metals - Celebrating 100 Years
Forever a Foundry

Thank you for joining us on the occasion of our 100th anniversary. We would like to share some of our history with you. These pages tell the tale of the birth and evolution of a company which is proud of its heritage. It is the story of our founders, our employees and, of course, our customers. Our history is presented in chronological order for your reading. The first page from the menu below covers our first fifty years and the second page covers the most recent fifty years. When you have finished your tour of our past, please go back to our home page and see how much we have to offer you today.


Our Company -

Our company began its history as the Aurora Metals Company. The name has changed over the years, as have the owners. Aurora Metals has even bought and sold a few companies and divisions. Our history gives an overview of these continually evolving relationships, along with several other historical points of interest.

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